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Hi there,I just have a quick about the plant I recently purchased

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there,

I just have a quick question about the plant I recently purchased. The 'little princess' acer is at its very early stadium, being about 50cm tall and 40cm wide. I've spot that the new leaves are getting red/black instead of yellow. Basically, now I have yellow bottom and red/black top, with every new leave being dark. Is that normal?

On plant Acer palmatum little princess



I don't know the colour of this plant but;

My guess is without seeing a photo, is that you have a 'grafted' plant and the bottom 'yellow' growth is emanating from the rootstock and the top growth is is what you purchased.

I would suggest that you look to see if you can see signs of "a graft" and if the yellow leaves are coming from below the graft these are the leaves of the rootstock,and the darker leaves are from the named plant you bought

I am tempted to say cut off the lower light coloured leaves ( below the graft) but I would like to see a picture of the situation to be certain!...Tg

26 May, 2012


'Little Princess' is one of the chartreuse varieties with definite red tints to the new growth. If the leaves are coming out dark red, though, it may mean that one of the branches may have mutated away from the chartreuse gene--in gardening, called a "bud sport". Such branches are often more vigorous than the original, and can keep on growing, while the original takes a rest. See if all that red top is coming from one or two particular branches. If so, the cure is to remove those branches, before they crowd out too much of the original.

27 May, 2012


First of all, thanks for fast response, I will upload some photos as soon as I can.

Yesterday I looked at leaves more closely and realized that the problems is that the new leaves look dead. They dont look red anymore, their ends are simply brown and dry; when I touch them they fall off... Normally I'd say its because of weather, but its been quite cloudy until lately and I poured the plant regularly.

Anyway, I will get these photos as soon as I can, for now- do you know any potential diseases or pests that would cause it?

27 May, 2012


If the weather was very windy, in addition to being cloudy, that might have done it.

30 May, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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