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Due to the large amount of rain lately ...I have two acers in pots which did not have enough drainage ... my fault!!!
any existing leaves have now dropped off ... I have repotted in new soil which had been water logged... branches are now bare but bark is green when scaped... do you think they will survive?



I don't think anyone of us can give a definitive answer on this one!

Personally I think you should give them a chance to recover rather than just throwing them away.

Perhaps over the next few months, and with a bit of luck they might recover.

25 May, 2012


Agree with Tg if they are now in a well drained situation they may, or may not, recover but only time is going to tell

25 May, 2012


In my experience, they will probably recover, but it may take a few weeks before you are sure. An application of a dilute solution of vinegar (1 ml / l of water) seaweed extract (2 ml / l) and white sugar (4 ml / l) will help speed things up a bit.

25 May, 2012


I and lots of people on here had similar problems with Acers this year - wind and all the rain. I made the schoolboy error of too big a pot so it got really compacted in the heavy rains and they lost all the leaves. I tried to decompact the soil and will try the solution that Tugbrethil suggests!

26 May, 2012

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