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I have a very clay like soil in the back garden. I have created a border with sleepers 20'' wide by 18" deep one corner is always wet I have been told that if I plant a rohdedendrum in this corner it this will soak up the water and save any other plants in the border from being drowned this corner has limitted sunshine. I live in west central Scotland . Any ideas???



Depends just how wet it is and how big the rhododendron is Ian. The conditions seem fine for growing a rhodie, clay soil, shade, damp etc. so you certainly won't lose anything but I would resign myself to growing shady moisture loving plants in this area unless you want to carry out a major overhaul of the area. Rhodies can grow quite big and if you plant a few shrubs like hydrangea, philadelphus (mock orange), fatsia (false castor oil plant) etc. and use for ground cover things like violets then they will love it.

25 May, 2012


Rhododendrons do like a moist soil but do not like standing with the roots in water, if the area is permanently wet you need bog garden plants.

25 May, 2012


Yes, have the ideal conditions for a bog garden!

Some of us have to try to create it, but you have it naturally!! Make the most of what you've got...and please post photos when you've done it... :)

25 May, 2012


Or use one of the willows instead, one of the coloured bark types such as Salix vitellina - they need hard pruning yearly and you may need to chop out excess growth. They love a damp waterlogged spot.

25 May, 2012


Good point Bamboo - was so concerned to discourage Ian from trying to grow a rhododendron did not think of the obvious!

25 May, 2012

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