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How to deter snails without using pesticides


By Cal67

kent, United Kingdom Gb

We recently planted beans in or garden and since the leaves developed they seem to have been eaten by snails



I heard using a mulch of sharp gravel will put off slugs/snails as they don't like to slide across it.. I stood on a fat one today *cringes*..

1 May, 2009


People use coffee grounds, sand, egg shells, gravel, anything that snails and slugs will not enjoy crawling on.

A lot of people swear by beer traps (sink jars full of beer into the soil)...YUK!

At least some of them are cheap and easy to get hold of!

Hope you find something that works.

2 May, 2009


I've written a blog on "Slugs and snails and all things nice" on 18 April. Take a look, good luck!

2 May, 2009


stoppa granules seem to be quite good. they are widely available. surround the plant with a layer about 2 inches wide. as well as being rough it sucks moisture out of the slug

2 May, 2009


I am trying copper rings placed round vulnerable plants(bought by mail order from
with no damage so far

2 May, 2009


Give up! Last year I took pity on them and collected them on a daily basis- up to a hundred at a time. I marked them with nail varnish and took them for a walk. Those dumped upto 50 yards away returned within a week and those dumped further afield I presume are still trying to find me.
This year I have resorted to slug pellets and am having no long term problems.

4 May, 2009

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