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Can anyone ID these plants for me please? Thanks :)

P1040118 P1040119 P1040117_1



Hi Bottom photo looks like ash / rowan tree seedlings


24 May, 2012


Snag is none of the photos is really in focus and there is light and shade on the plants. All three could be a large number of plants/shrubs/trees!

24 May, 2012


I agree that the last one shows ash tree seedlings which are best pulled out ASAP while you still can get them out. Unless you want several large forest sized trees growing where they are....?

24 May, 2012


Number two looks like angelica. (Only just realised the photo is sideways on!)

25 May, 2012


Thanks for the comments.

Gattina - Yes, sorry, the second photo is the wrong way round, I've been trying to change it but can't seem to get it to upload the right way.

Moon_grower - The second photo is the wrong way round so that probably doesn't help, but I'm having no luck changing it unfortunately. I tried taking some more photos yesterday evening and this morning but I'm still having the same light/shade problems, so may have to try again on a less-sunny day (I'm not complaining about the sun by the way!...but it is causing problems with getting better clarity on the photos).

Beattie & GG - Thanks re the tree seedling. I've just had a rumage about (as you can see it's got a bit overgrown) and it's actually just one large seedling - 1m tall already. As there isn't enough space for forest sized trees in that particular spot I will be getting it out pronto ;)

25 May, 2012


The second photo seems to be the right way round now :)

25 May, 2012


Hooray! I still think angelica ;-)

25 May, 2012


I'm wondering if the first one is Francoa. I used to have it & it looks familiar, but without a flower it's difficult to ID.

27 May, 2012


Thanks Beattie, I've just done an internet search on Francoa and it does look like it. I've taken some new photos today, including one of an old flower, but will have to put them in a new question as I can't add any more photos to this one...

28 May, 2012


Thanks Gattina, I've been trying to tidy up round it today so I can wait and see what happens with it :)

28 May, 2012

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