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By Spader

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all,
I have a Jasminum nudiflorum that i planted last year,growing nice and steady up a strong frame.These last couple of (hot days) the tops start to droop,on watering they then straighten up.What I am asking is is it requiring a good water every day or is there anything wrong.




Needs to be well watered in hot weather.

24 May, 2012


Even well established large shrubs here are drooping in the sun we've got currently - its not drought causing it, its simply the extreme heat of the sun. They've had no chance to acclimatise slowly to the heat - Monday it was cold, and had been for weeks - Tuesday its full blazing sun with 27 deg temperatures. Plants, like people, are having trouble coping - as MG says, give extra water, it does help.

24 May, 2012


Many thanks Moon grower and Bamboo for promp replys.


24 May, 2012


A lot of people, when watering, just wet the ground around a plant, this does no good whatsoever, it just discourages the plant from sending roots down to look for water, and relies on surface rootsto get the water, but if the soil is only made to look wet, then it dries up before the plant can get what it needs, give a good soaking to ensure that the soil is wet to a depth of 2-3", this will allow the water to soak down lower, and keep the plant happy for longer, meaning you don,t have to water as often, Derek.

24 May, 2012


Absolutely right Derekm!

24 May, 2012

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