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seem to be getting dirt patches on my lawn causedby red ants

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seem to be getting dirt patches on my lawn caused
by red ants, what is the best way to get rid of them



the patches are usually caused because there's an ants next beneath the grass - as it gets bigger, it sticks up and when you mow, you scalp it, leaving a bald patch in the grass. Open up the nest (preferably wearing wellies or something) and pour boiling water into it.
Alternatively, Greengardener (online) does a nematode treatment which is watered onto the lawn said to get rid of ants. Never tried it, but check online for details.

24 May, 2012


we have a pair of green woodpeckers that do their best with our ants.They do however leave rather large holes still i expect it airates the lawn

24 May, 2012

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