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By Madcow

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I have a problem with some shrubs, cotinus, weigla,deutzia, where the leaves are dying back before they have formed. I cant see anything on them and because the leaves dont mature, cant spray them. They start to burst, then go dry and crinkly. Any ideas?
These were all bought in last year, from various nurseries and are in a new bed, basically sandy, but with horse manure added. They are under a membrane with bark chipping on the top. I have four other beds, also new, but the problem seems to be in this one.The ground has been fallow for about 30 years, having been used as a school playing field.



It may be a silly question, but are they getting enough water?

24 May, 2012


That would be my question too... and, were they well enough watered last year?

24 May, 2012


The horse manure - where did it come from? Was it bought from the garden centre, or supplied by a local stable?
Did you use it elsewhere in the garden too, or just in this bed? If just in this bed, when did you apply the horse manure, and when exactly did you plant the shrubs?

I'd also ask whether this particular bed is much more open or exposed than any of the other planted areas?

24 May, 2012


The reason I asked about manure and whether you'd used it elsewhere without harm was in case it was contaminated with aminopyralid, or hadn't been composted properly or for long enough. You've said it comes from a local stable, which is risky, but if other plants are fine where you've used it, its unlikely to be that.

You've also said that 2 of the plants have 'wilt'. Wilt only affects hybrid clematis, not other plants, although there is something called 'Wilts' which is an umbrella term. Could be phytophthera infection if the top branches are hanging over in the shape of a shepherd's crook, and that is sometimes described as 'wilt' even though its not. That, though, is not what you've described.
As the plants are new, you may be able to persuade the suppliers to replace them, but the problem, if the bed is exposed (which you have not told us), might just be that the cold weather kept nipping the new leaves all the time.

24 May, 2012

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