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I think these osteospermums are meant to be pink ... should I feed them maybe? They came with the house ... and I love them but I am quite certain they were pink-ier last year




These are the same colour as some I have had in my garden under my Juniper trees for years.

They are quite hardy, unlike the pastel coloured ones I have had, which succumb to the weather here high in the Pennines of West Yorkshire every time I have tried to grow them.

I give them a top dresing with a balanced fertiliser and haircut once a year, and that's it, then it is up to them!

They never let me down.

23 May, 2012


The haircut bit is what I've been doing TG and yes they start flowering early and are the last to finish. I never take them indoors so I'm guessing they are pretty hardy. Last year I cut a few pieces that were going where I didn't want them and stuck them in the soil in the back .. hey presto they've taken and flowered very well with very little attention.This year I did a few cuttings for the mother-in-law but she's stuck them in a half shade part of her garden so not sure whether they'll flower for that long.

I'll try the fertiliser though ....

23 May, 2012


None of mine have ever lasted the winter :(

23 May, 2012


Smorgie, my m-i-l says the same to me - she didn't believe ours keep coming every year and stay green throughout the winter. I gave her a cutting of mine this time, see how that goes.

Maybe they are a different variety?

24 May, 2012

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