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Thanks for your help! I think I know now. Brett

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Why? If plants bolt, do they not succeed? And why do they bolt?



When you say plants, do you mean vegetables? Most plants bolt when they come under stress as perhaps they become dry. They think that there is a fair chance that they are likey to die so they try to reproduce, i.e. they bolt and run to seed so they will save the strain.

23 May, 2012


I agree with Jimmy!

However with some plants that are bolting, you can cut off the stem that will carry the flower/seed head before it opens and the plant/s usually perform as you want them to.

What plants do you have in mind?

Let us know and we will try and advise you if the above practice is practicle!

23 May, 2012


they were sweet peas that grew real quick but they are now too spindly! thanks for the help

24 May, 2012


What you have described there is not known as 'bolting' you are describing ' drawn' plants and this is usually because the plants have been grown in poor light, and possibly they were too warm.

I could go into the pro and cons regarding your sweet peas, but rather than do this can I refer you to Garden fairy's article on sweet peas where the subject has been discussed at length.

24 May, 2012

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