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1. My mother-in-laws garden in Poole is waterlogged at the bottom of a long stepped garden due to an underground spring. I am contemplating trying to resolve this by putting in a French trench I believe it's called. The spring doesn't appear to affect the house above it and I have contacted the local water board and Environment Agency but they couldn't help overcome the problem. The ground is completely waterlogged and has been ever since she moved into the house over 7 years ago or more. I was also thinking of putting in a pond to 'absorb'/reduce the flow (?) by surrounding it with the French trench. 2. There are holly and other trees that are now excessively tall and blocking light and I am considering buying a pole saw (electric) from ScrewFix which will hopefully make the job easier for me. Any advice would be gratefully received.



Sorry to be facetious, but Poole appears to be an appropriate place for this problem. (Sorry!) I hope someone on this site can help you with this. :o)

23 May, 2012


Would it be possible to reduce to height of the Holly and other trees, creating a micro-climate in the garden, then plant up with plants that like damp soils, creating a bog garden?

Or raise the soil level with a raised bed?

23 May, 2012


I also have a small spring that rises just outside my boundary fence on the public verge which gives me a corner in the garden which never dries out. I have no means of draining that, so I have gone with Crv's suggestion and planted it up as a bog corner. I have Marsh Marigold, native flag Iris, Astilbe, Ligularias and ferns in it and it does very well.

23 May, 2012


Thank you for your replies. I will look at a bog garden and also cutting back the trees to give more sun to the garden.

23 May, 2012

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