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what to do with cherry tree now the frost got it



What precisely do you mean by 'the frost got it', Richardcurrey? More info required - where's it growing, what happened to it, what were the symptoms, etc.

22 May, 2012


Hi Richard. A very vague question. You don't say where you are in the UK, you don't say what the symptoms are, so really it is extremely difficult to answer. Are there leaves on it at the moment? Are there bare branches with no leaves? How old is the tree? Has it fruited before? Sorry to sound so abrupt but none of us can answer this. If you can either post a picture (that is worth a thousand words) or give far more details about what has happened then we have no chance. We are all good and experienced, but genius is out of our league.

22 May, 2012


Hi Bamboo. Crossed answers.

22 May, 2012

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