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Have 2 camelias in tubs 500m by 500m. Seem pot bound, how big do they grow? One buds falling off and othert lots of buds, some opened and others died at bud stage. Help, larger planter?

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Camelia question need help please



Hi there, camelias are trees!!!!! They will grow as big as you allow but don't hold your breath as they are slow growing. The bud issue may be due to being pot bound or if they get the morning sun the dew or night moisute burns the buds as it evaporates. they are best kept in afternoon sun or dapples shade. Hope this helps?!

30 Apr, 2009


The buds grow very slowly, so lack of water the previous summer can also cause bud drop. keep them well watered this summer and see if it makes a difference. don't forget only ericaceous feed if the foliage looks sickly.

30 Apr, 2009

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