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Hi folks,
unfortunately my acer is dead, it also looks like my cottoon palm is on the way out, i am useless, cotton palm is in a pot with dead leaves on it, do i cut them right down to the main stem or just the brown off, also do i water once a week, gosh its warm today



Cotton Palm is Washingtonia filifera. This one's hardy down to about -5 deg C, but less so in a pot - needs to be bubblewrapped (the pot) for winter and moved to a very sheltered spot out of cold winds.
If the leaves and stems are completely brown and dead, cut them off at the mainstem - if the leaves are just a bit brown on the tips, trim those off.
Water when the plant needs it - feel the top of the compost, if its dry to touch, then water thoroughly.

22 May, 2012


Have you checked that the Acer is dead and not just defoliated? Use your finger nail to gently rub the trunk and see if it is green or not. Green is good, yellow or brown is dead.

22 May, 2012


thankyou for your replies

22 May, 2012

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