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Hi I'm in need of some advice iv just re done my garden I am not a gardener and want low maintenance plants so I picked lots of perennials but then my mum came round and looked at the job I was proud of and she pointed out that I had put a lot of hebe in she said they will grow way to big and break the walls that I had built as a bed that holds them my question is could I take these back out and put them back into pots and then put the pots back into the ground so it keeps them smaller and stops roots getting to big I live in the midlands uk thank you for any advice anyone is kind enough to give



I'm slightly confused by the USA flag showing next to your avatar, yet you say you live in the midlands, UK!

What variety of Hebes did you plant - many of them are small plants so they may not be a problem.
What size is the bed you have built, and is it on open ground, or on hard surfacing? If its on hard surfacing, how deep is the soil in the bed?
Any photographs you can upload of the area to this question (use the Edit facility and add them) would be useful, but need an answer to the questions I've asked as well.
Note that Hebes are shrubs, not perennials. Perennials are plants which grow up and flower and then die down for the winter, repeating the performance year on year, but many disappear completely below ground. Shrubs always maintain a woody framework above the ground, and many keep their leaves all winter too.

20 May, 2012


ive had hebes that were present at my property and did in the end push over the wall i dug them up hoping to transfer them but having been there a long time they didnt come back i still have one but find they get very leggy and spindly as they get older more in the winter of course.they grow(depending on which one) to about 6ft if they havent been in the ground long its ok to move them keeping them in a bucket is ok but they will just break the bucket in 1-2 years if its a large shrub but they come in many sizes so would be ok to leave them where they are if its just a small one

20 May, 2012


Depends which ones the questioner bought though Alistair - there are many more hybrids of Hebe about now which are dwarf plants.

20 May, 2012

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