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Can I grow a common whitebeam tree in a container? I do not want it to get too big.



If you mean Sorbus aria, it wants to reach 6metres x 4 metres - it will not do well in a tub.

19 May, 2012


It wants to be a tree.....

19 May, 2012


Thank you for your reply. My garden is too small for such a tree.

19 May, 2012


You can with a bit of research find lovely small trees but the will need a large pot

19 May, 2012


If you've any space in the ground to plant, put in Prunus amonagowa - only gets 6 feet wide at maturity, height around 25 feet, common name is Flagpole Cherry.

19 May, 2012


Amelanchier canadensis is a small tree suitable for a small garden. Or grow a Japanese acer and keep it to the size you want by pruning it.

19 May, 2012


All beautiful small trees, how about the columnar fruit trees, or those on a dwarf rootstock

20 May, 2012

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