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removing pampas grass


By Maddy

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

is there an enviromentally friendly way to help get out the roots (rather than something like Root Out) I'm finding the digging very difficult



This is a devil to get out, I would keep digging, or if the plant is isolated from the rest of the garden, pour over a little petrol and set light to it, hose pipe at hand of course. Cut all the growth down as far to the ground as possible

2 May, 2009


Hi Andrea, thank you for replying and the advice. I've been very lucky. I was discussing it with my neighbour and told him I was unhappy to use root out (which I'd already bought). He told me to cut the grass as low as possible with my hedgecutter and then he came over with an axe and a pick axe and removed the lotI I'm going to exchange the root out for something else - oh, and I've invited the neighbour for a meal tonight!!

3 May, 2009


Is he nice looking, do we have little romance blossoming here?

3 May, 2009


Hee hee
"No" and "No" to the above, but he is very kind and has a very nice wife (who happens to be away at the moment) so I took the precaution of inviting a couple of friends to the meal, not least because now the Pampas grass has gone I'm not screened from the neighbours any more!!

Hey ho, the single life requires great diplomacy......

4 May, 2009


And careful planning!! lol

4 May, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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