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Will I kill it?


By Llew

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ooops!!!! I put my feed and weed on the lawn this aft'. (not used the verdone yet). Anyway, I thought I was walking with the dispenser at the right speed and the stuff was flowing nicely.

Now, the pack I had treated 100 sq yds and it's nearly empty. My little lawn is about 24/25 sq yds, so basically I have about 3 times too much stuff on it.

Will it damage/kill the lawn or will it just do a better job of killing the weeds?



Oh! Llew, I am afraid you have overdone it. As soon as the sun goes down water it heavily with the sprinkler, leave the sprinkler on for about 3 hours to dilute the overdose of feed and weed. Protect any area where you have run - off into your flower beds and keep off of it, let it grow and hope for the best. If you leave it, it will be scorched all over by the weekend.

29 Apr, 2009


Oooops indeed Llew! Sounds just like the sort of thing I'd do, lol! Good luck!

29 Apr, 2009


Just thought Llew, don't use Verdone as well, just in case you were thinking of it.

29 Apr, 2009


Thanks, Doc.
As it happens, I was thinking of using the Verdone too in a couple of days. Best I don't then, eh? lol.

I haven't got a sprinkler, but I better go out now with the hose and give it a good drenching.

Jeez, what a bummer. I knew it.
Thanks again.

29 Apr, 2009


Right the lawn is now soaking wet. A real good soaking and I can't see any granular stuff on the surface. So, fingers crossed.

What do I do next though, assuming it survives? Can I feed it again in a couple of weeks and shall I put some grass seed down in the bare patches?

If it doesn't kill the weeds, when will it be safe to spray the Verdone on? 'cause I'm not using granular stuff again. Oh, no. Nope, I'm not. lol.

29 Apr, 2009


Don't worry Llew, we have all made mistakes over the years. You must wait now and hope for wet weather, do not water the lawn when the sun is on it.
You will not need to use weed or feed this year.
If any large weeds come up take them out by hand. When you mow, cut at the highest level. Seed will not germinate on your lawn, possibly you will have to wait until the autumn. Keep us informed. If in doubt do nothing.

29 Apr, 2009


Okey doke. I'll leave it alone then, lol. Oh, one more question though. How long should I leave it before mowing again?

Thanks ever so much, Doc. :o)

29 Apr, 2009


When you have some good growth Llew.

29 Apr, 2009


Thank you, once again.
You're brill, you are. :-)

29 Apr, 2009


Thank you Llew, you are very kind.

29 Apr, 2009

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