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Please can anyone advise as to why my weeping fig is dropping it's leaves. It's only been with me a couple of weeks and us living on my bathroom window sill. I gave it a small drink after which it has started losing leaves and now looks in a sorry state



This could be a reaction to the change of position as it's been brought into your home from a shop/garden centre or somewhere. The atmosphere is different and it is panicking! Try spraying it with water every day, don't overwater it and make sure it's not in a draft from the window. Which direction does the window face (north, south etc)? as it may get too hot if on a south facing windowsill. Does it get shut on the cold side of the curtains at night?

17 May, 2012


Weeping figs are notoriously hard to keep indoors. They hate being dried out and over watered, they hate being moved and they hate dry air.

Usually, if a fig drops it's leaves, it's not happy. However, if you keep them in the same spot, quite often, with a little tlc, they will grow new leaves and adapt well to that situation.

Weeping figs need lots of water from may to september with a bi weekly liquid feed. They need warmth and no draughts, they need humidity and hate dry air, they also need lots of light but no direst sun.

during the darker, winter months, they need to be slowed up a bit and the watering reduced.

Hope this helps a is possible to keep them indoors...i used to work as an interior landscape technician and they were used a lot in different situations

17 May, 2012


It certainly is possible to keep them indoors - I have Ficus benjamina variegata, had it 8 years, its now 4.5 feet tall and nearly 3 feet wide. As everyone says, they hate a change in conditions - mine sulks a bit when summer turns to winter and the heating goes on, it sulks again in spring early summer when conditions change, even though its always in the same spot in the room and is nowhere near any heat sources like radiators or hot pipes. When it 'sulks', it drops more leaves than usual. But it recovers and gets over it every time, obviously. So they loath draughts and changing environment - they also don't like to get completely dry, nor to be waterlogged. Water when the surface of the compost is dry, but not shrunken away from the pot, water well when you do it, and empty any tray or outer pot of any water left after 30 minutes. If you open your bathroom window at all, find another spot for it.

17 May, 2012


Thank you everyone - looks like I'll need to re-position it and give lots of tlc :)

17 May, 2012

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