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Cyclamen silverado scarlet autumn flowering...will it naturalise and over winter in dryish ground or will cold frosts kill it off...does anyone have seems from sites that its parentage is mixed, not just hederifolium which would be hardy. Thanks, Chris



Since it is a C. persicum type I would not expect it to survive outdoors anywhere where it got more than a light touch of frost. Certainly they do not survive outdoors here where we get -2 or -3 c., on a regular basis throughout Winter and often even much much lower.

17 May, 2012


Thank you Owdboggy. It is as I expected....I will stick with the tried and tested hardy forms and forgo the bright scarlet flowers. Christrpc

17 May, 2012


However if you plant them in a small trough and can bring them into a front porch or similar when it is frosty they do very well. I buy a pack of six from our local nursery and sometimes even manage to get them through two winters...

17 May, 2012


Thank you moon growe. we have a conservatory but I have difficulty in keeping the tender ones doing really well after their initial year. They are lovely though. Christrpc

17 May, 2012

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