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Can anyone help ?


By Tazzy

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone help please ?
I have Tulip,Daffodil and bluebells that i need to move what is the best way and time to do this ?do i need to dry them or just move from one place to the other



You can just move them from one place to another, but if the tulips have only recently finished flowering, best to wait six weeks since the last flower.

14 May, 2012


Thanks Bamboo i should have taken the time to readdown the questions previous and the answer was there ,so thanks for answering

14 May, 2012


Although I never do, some people lift their tulip and daffodil bulbs every year after the leaves have died back, then plant them out again in October/November.

Bluebells are slightly different in so far as it is best not to let them dry out after lifting them.

Again lift them once the leaves have died back and plant them in their new quarters right away.

In the event you can't plant them right away, you can save them in a cool, dry, dark place then plant them out with your daffs and tulips.

I have found flowering can sometimes be affected if planted later.

14 May, 2012


Thanks TeeGee

14 May, 2012


Whilst I realise that folk do lift their daffies and tulips and replant in the autumn it really does not serve the bulb, which is working away to produce the next year's flower bud! If you 'must' move them put them somewhere else in your garden - or ask yourself why you are growing them if you don't want to give them optimum growing conditions.

14 May, 2012


oh yeh definately want them moongrower just moving them to a better spot this year they seemed very leggy and did not seem to be getting enough light they had become quite shaded from overgrown climber

14 May, 2012


Good to know Tazzy, just make sure you don't move until 6 weeks after flowering finishes and feed with half strength tomato food to help build up the bulb in the intervening time.

14 May, 2012


thanks moongrower so i feed them before i move them right

14 May, 2012


Yes, while the leaves are present and healthy, which is only a short window before the foliage dies back.

15 May, 2012


I like to feed my spring bulbs when the daffodils come into bud.

I find this stiffen the stems, enhances the colours, and finally, feed the bulb before the leaves die back!

15 May, 2012


Interesting Teeg. all the literature I've read has stated feed after flowering, and Ian Young the doyen of the SRGC bulb world has always given this advice. I would love to hear other GoYer's thoughts and opinions.

15 May, 2012


I learned the technique from the days I exhibited Dahlias.

With some dahlia varieties the flower head can be too heavy for the stem and they bend over.

To correct this problem one feeds them with a high potash feed, this stiffens the stems so that they can remain erect/support the flower head, and it enhances the colours.

It also ripens the tubers in preparation for winter storage.

I got to thinking one year when I saw some of my daffs bent over, could the dahlia technique work?

After all they are hollow stemmed like dahlias, so I gave it a go, and liked the results, so I have done it ever since!

Perhaps Ian has never grown Dahlias, meaning, he doesn't know of this technique!

15 May, 2012


It would be extremely unlikely that Ian would grow dahlias - unless you know of an alpine dahlia :-) I think we will stick to feeding once the flower is over, never had any problem with our show bulbs standing up well.

15 May, 2012

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