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Last year I aquired a large amount of pelleted chicken manure. Ever since I have been applying it generosly everywhere. The results are fantastic,now I'm reading that "liquid ferterlizer" should be applied to tubs and baskets etc, does this mean that the liquid is better for containers ,if so could I dilute the pellets to achive the same results?
Also the leaves on the primulas growing in the shade instead of dying back are huge .will this be detreamental to their performance next spring



I would be careful with the amout of pellets that you would put in a watering can as this may burn the leaves and roots if you use to much ( kill or hamper them), best to stick to a normal tomato or somthing similar to feed your tubs and baskets I always think use the right product to to the right job.

I think with your Primulas its all the rain we have had has made more growth nothing to worry about plus the pellets have made them grow as well , its a good time to split the plants up if you want more of them , remember to cut (reduce) the leaves in half which will help then loosing water


13 May, 2012


Adding to what Gg has mentioned you might have gone a bit OTT on the feeding!

Chicken pellets are high in nitrogen and phosphates and this coupled with the rain may have developed the greenery you mentioned.

Re liquid fertiliser; this is a difficult one to measure i.e. you might make it too strong, so again you might develop greenery rather than flowers in your baskets.

Personally I wouldn't use it for this purpose a more balanced to high on potash fertiliser would be better.

But in the end the choice is yours!

13 May, 2012


I dug some chicken manure pellets right into the soil of my containers and the fertiliser was slowly released into the soil. The only problem I had was I used them in some large pots in my consevatory too and the smell lasted for weeks and was unbearable on a hot day.

I don't see why you couldn't add a small amount to your baskets now and then for nitrogen loving plants?

13 May, 2012


No problem adding it dry to containers, as long as you are cautious. As with all fertilizers, it's better to use a little too little, than to use a little too much! Other tips: be sure to distribute the pellets as evenly as possible, scratch them into the top cm of soil, and water thoroughly afterwards.

13 May, 2012



Thank you so much for your have certainly sorted out a few of my problems. Seems like I have been slowly overdoseing my plants this year.
Also good advice about cutting leaves in half, as it will make more room for summer bedding to fill the gaps with colour.

14 May, 2012

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