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Echium...pride of madeira

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I bought this last early summer at a garden show, popped it in the ground and it was fine, at the end of the year it was looking bedraggled so I pruned it back to around 7" above the ground, I have no idea if this was the right thing to do, as yet I have no new growth and it just looks like a stump, does anyone know if it will sprout again or will I have to find another one at the next show?



Is this Echium pininana? Grows into a big tall thing with loads of tiny purplish flowers? If so, I don't think you should have cut it back.....they grow as just one long stem - a rossette of leaves the first year and spiring up through the clouds the following year, like a foxglove. Does it have any live leaves on it?

28 Apr, 2009


If this is the plant that Sid has mentioned.
They take 3 years to grow, and throw up a huge flower spike. Mine was 6ft, and in its 3rd year this year unfortunately the frost had got it and its died.

If you get another, make sure you wrap it up well if the winter is harsh. Oh and dont prune it.

Back to sowing more seed.

28 Apr, 2009

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