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will fi hybrid wallflower plants flower again next year if left in the ground.they are very stronglooking but they are taking up valuable planting space needed for this years bedding plants.



Funny you should ask that because I seem to have some wallflowers that I thought were annuals but they seem to have survived the winter and some look quite promising. I thought I'd give them until June before deciding so def going to watch this post. Mine is a tiny little garden so appreciate the space issue but I'm just curious :-)

11 May, 2012


I think that they will carry on but need cutting back after flowering, after a couple of years they start to go a bit woody and I usually remove them for new ones, the thing with f1's is that they are a first cross so the seed doesn't come true but can be a mix of both parents....interesting though

12 May, 2012


I'm not sure what mine are,but they come true to colour each year...I appreciate they take up valuable space,but you can cut them back,or take tip cuttings for next year ..they root easily..if you have a spare pot,you could keep them in that,till time to plant out again...

12 May, 2012


Didn't realise you could take cuttings. I have one of the old fashioned brown ones that I like best so will give it a go.

12 May, 2012


I have kept mine going the past three years,Sue...and also the originals by cutting back hard after flowering, so worth a try..I find them easy to strike..I keep them in a sheltered place,or open cold frame till rooted..

12 May, 2012



13 May, 2012

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