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Two questions please, I have a lilac tree which has only one flower this year, how can I promote new flowers for next year please? I also have a type of tree pictures attached as I cant remember the name, this always thrives and I cut the old damaged stems of every year and it always grows back really strong but I have noticed this year a gooey substance on one of the new branches which is uncurling do you have any ideas what it is and should I cut this one off. Many thanks.

Garden_may_11th_2012_016 Garden_may_11th_2012_017 Garden_may_11th_2012_001



The lilac (pretty flower) doesn't look very old - you'll find it increases its flowering as it gets bigger.
If the gooey substance (its blurred in the pic) is orangey coloured, remove that stem immediately.

11 May, 2012


Prune your lilac as little as possible (and only immediately after flowering) to encourage flowering

11 May, 2012


Hi Bamboo, thanks for your reply, I will remove it now, only yesterday initially I noticed the gooey stuff was red, it was like the plant was bleeding and i have never seen this before and today when I checked it the goey stuff turned orange and is dripping down onto the new unopened foliage. do you have any ideas what it could be and why it happened?

11 May, 2012


It'll be bacterial canker - there's been a wound of some kind and its become infected. Hopefully its just that stem and hasn't spread to the rest of the plant.

12 May, 2012


Thanks bamboo, I have noticed that the gooey stuff has dropped down onto an unopened branch, its still yet to emerge will this one be ok or should I try to wipe it off with something as I cant cut this one off yet.

12 May, 2012


Provided there's no wounds or cracks or damage in the unfurling one, it should be okay - the bacteria can't enter sealed surfaces. The risk with wiping it off is that you may cause a little bit of damage through which it can enter...

12 May, 2012

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