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Are hellebore plants hard to grow? The area is shaded?
What about deer? How long do the plants flower?



Hi Donnelly .I can only answer for the UK but here they are very easy to grow and mine have been in flower from march and are just starting to fade now .I prefer the Oriental Hellebores as the flower colours are much more varied .Two tips though ...try to buy in flower as the colours vary enormously and they take a while to really give of their best .They don't like being moved and sulk for a bit normally but they do perfectly well in shade .

11 May, 2012


They are rather woodlandy by nature. They like plenty of humus in the soil. Dig in plenty of good stuff before planting. I grow Feotidisima and Argutifolius, the 'green' ones. I think they are some of the easiest to cultivate, and vigorous. The flowering durations of the different kinds are variable. Some are early flowering and others later flowering. By planting both types you can create a flowering succession. They are so lovely I strongly recommend successioning.

11 May, 2012


I don't know but think it unlikely deer would eat hellebores - they certainly wont like Foetidus!

11 May, 2012


Thank you very much for the advice on hellebores. I think I'll give them a try!! Donnelly

11 May, 2012

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