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Can I seperate a 4 year old agapanthas plant?

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I have two agapanthas which are about 4 years old. Every year I have had fabulous flowers until last summer when I just had the leaves, but no flowers.

I'm thinking that they have outgrown their pots and was wondering if I could seperate them into smaller pots or if I will just have to transplant them into bigger ones?



They don't mind being a bit rootbound, but yes, you can separate them. Just pull the root ball apart.
Early spring is the best time, but you may get away with it now. I wouldn't swear to it though.
I'm sure somebody will be able to say yay or nay.

28 Apr, 2009


mine are just showing about 2" of leaf and i split mine last year in may when they were growing more. i had to use 2 forks back to back as they were tough criters. Just make sure when you repot that there is plently of soil and no air pockets. water well until they are establishd.

28 Apr, 2009

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