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By Dan6978

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi i need help what plants/shrubs could be put as a border around privet hedge that gives a lot of colour



Nothing will appreciate growing too close to privet - if you can plant 2 or 3 feet in front of it, you'll probably get away with it. Is that possible? If so, sun or shade or a mix?

10 May, 2012


Thanks for the quick reply i have just been out and measured the distance and found that i have a path all the way around the front garden (lived here 3 years) so no space for the borders just a lot of space to fill in the middle now with colour

10 May, 2012


Ha ha, you made me laugh, thanks for that, always good to brighten a day. It was the living there 3 years and only just realising you've a path round the garden that made me chuckle (as much in recognition as anything - I once uncovered a path which I didn't know was there for 5 years...)
Any chance you could post a photo of the area - and also let us know whether its very sunny or very shady or half and half? And did you just want summer flowering plants which die over winter, or some more permanent plants which may not be quite so flowery?

11 May, 2012


On last night's Beechgrove Garden they uncovered a whole patio area they had all forgotten about!

11 May, 2012


Thanks for all the replies not sure how to test the soil. i have been thinking about plants and garden designs though

11 May, 2012

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