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DUBLIN, Ireland Ie

Hi All.
Can anyone tell me, my Anthuiurm fever plant with one orange flower,why this flower has started to turn green?

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The red on your Anthurium isn't a flower but a bract, coloured leaf, these do go green as they get older. I am rather surprised that you only have one bract though.

9 May, 2012


Anthuriums don't produce bracts, they produce spathes. Being a member of the aroid family (aracaea) this is perfectly normal for them to turn green and it's usually time to cut the flowers off to encourage more to develop.

9 May, 2012


Oops sorry... you are correct Andy! And not a mistake I should have made, ah well anno domini!

9 May, 2012


Thanks guys, for a reply to my question.
Kind regards.

10 May, 2012

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