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By Philgav

i have a rose bush that looks a little bit dead and lifeless the lower trunk has gone black can i do anything to restore it?



I think a photograph would be helpful here - if there are no leaves or buds anywhere, and the base is completely black, it might be dead, but its hard to say what's wrong without either a lot more information or a photograph. Where's it growing, ground or pot, what kind of rose is it, how long have you had it, is there any growth at all on it, that kind of info.

8 May, 2012


there are some leaves still on but they look a little worse for wear,some of the branches further up the bush still look green. I dont know what kind of rose it is except it is a yellow flowered trailing bush that we were trying to train around a frame. It was already planted when we moved into the property directly into the ground and has been there about 11 years. I would appreciate any further comments and would like to say thankyou for your help. I am unable to supply a photograph as I do not have the necessary equipment

8 May, 2012


If there are still green branches, with leaves, then the plant is not dead. Old wood at the base of roses is usually very dark grey, which can look black if its soaked by rain. Unless there's obvious seepage from the rose which is causing the blackening, in which case it might be canker and should be removed, the weather's probably impacting on its growth.
The 'rules' for good roses are simple - feed in April and again 6 weeks later with a specialist rose food such as Toprose (you can do it now if you've not done it already). Spray every fortnight with a systemic fungicide/insecticide, until September, something like Roseclear Ultra, at the first sign of mildew, black spot or aphid infestation. Add composted animal manure, either as a mulch or dug in around the planting area.
Pruning helps too, but its useful to know which rose it is before tackling that.

8 May, 2012


just to say thanks to bamboo for your input will try your suggestions and hope for best thankyou very much

8 May, 2012


Ah, there you go!

8 May, 2012

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