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Where is the best place to plant oleander bushes and what time of year



I don't know where you are in the UK, and that makes a difference - these plants aren't fully hardy in Britain, and they particularly dislike heavy,wet soil in winter. Possible to successfully grow outside year round in a very sheltered, south facing, protected area outside in mild parts of the country. Generally grown in pots so they can be moved under cover for winter.

7 May, 2012


Even here in a "sunny" bit of the world, a very cold winter will see them off. If you have somewhere as hot and sunny as possible, and can protect it in winter, you may be lucky, but I doubt, with UK levels of light you will get many blooms. Sorry!

7 May, 2012


Oh, I dunno, Gattina - I've got one in a southfacing small front garden, planted behind a low wall, and it remains green all winter and flowers every year, been in now about 5 years. But then that's in London, in a built up area.

7 May, 2012


The only reason I thought that, Bamboo, was that our neighbour in Cheshire had one in her south west facing garden, and despite lovely, lush, abundant foliage, the flowers were sparse, and she was advised it was low light levels in our part of the world. Londoners have all the luck!!!

7 May, 2012


This one does flower, but I wouldn't describe it as prolific, that's for sure.

7 May, 2012

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