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Sweet Pea Seeds


By Newtoit

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I am new to the gardening scene, haveing never had the time before. I planted some seeds in a seed tray last week with my 2yr old grandaughter, she likes to help. I poped them in a little water for an hour before, thinking this constituted soaking . then planted. The seed tray is sitting happily on my kitchen window sill . I am wondering if I have any chance of actually seeing any plants ,, or should Ijust go and buy some from the garden centre,as don't want to leave it to late....



I would definitely wait it out and see what happens, I too am new to the gardening scene, but find the whole thing absolutely amazing and fascinating...............
I started with just some tomato seeds and now have tomato, butternut squash,beetroot,lettuce,brussels,carrots,lavender, roses,my gosh erm .....oh going to plant potatos too..........hold tight and wait it never know what lovely surprises will grow! x

26 Apr, 2009


OMG, I was just looking for some advice on growing potatoes, we inherited a compost bin when we moved house 3 yrs ago, and after getting the house practically rebuilt are just moving into the garden, I have just ( last 10 mins) said to my husband that maybe I could grow potaoes in it ..( as have heard they are quite easy to grow) but don't have a clue where to start,, hence back to the net!! what a tool....

any advice welcome..
I have planted herb seeds, again with my little grandaughter.. which I doubted would survive her enthusiastic pounding , but they have .. I now have a lovely range of fresh herbs ,,,parsley, thyme , chives , mint,& coriander...just about to go in the chilli....
would love to hear ant tips for potatoes... do you think a compost bin would work?,,,,

26 Apr, 2009


we grew potatoes in a a very big pot -but a dustbin size might have been better. If you put the soil in up to about half way and then a potato or two, when it starts gettings afew leaves you just keep adding more soil- just leaving the tips showing. eventually you will reach the top and then let the plant grow- meanwhile your pots are forming in the container. It worked really well. Hope that is understandable. you will get loads of advice now!!
welcome to goy karin

26 Apr, 2009


Yes, like RKda says you can grow spuds in a pot.

Make sure they're chitted. That means have a few shoots on them. Put about 6 inches of compost in bottom of pot, then add 3 tubers and cover with about 4 inches of compost. When you see growth, cover that with a couple more inches of compost. Keep doing that until you reach the top of the pot. (when planted in soil, that's called 'earthing up'). When all the foliage flowers, you can harvest your tates.

26 Apr, 2009


The problem with growing sweet peas in trays is that they grow long roots and don't like the roots disturbed. Trays aren't deep enough for them.

You just about have time to sow some more - try cardboard tubes, they can be planted into the soil tubes and all when the little plants are big enough!

26 Apr, 2009

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