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Can Wisteria be grown in pots?


By Shay

United Kingdom Gb

I have just been given a wisteria as a gift and would like to grow it at the front of my house as its sunny and is just off the pavement. There is no garden to plant it in and i think it would make the house look pretty.



It's not a good idea, generally. Wisteria's can take several years to flower. Having said that, you could buy the biggest pot you can find and train it into a standard, which will reduce it's need to dig its roots deep. But if you do grow it in a pot, it will need lots of watering, as it likes lots of sun.

26 Apr, 2009


You will also need something for it to climb up like a trellace.

26 Apr, 2009


Wisteria will take years to flower possible 8-10 or more. Unless you are lucky and have been given one that has been grafted. Have a look at the lower part of the stem, to see if it looks different. In that I mean it may be thicker or it may still have horticultral wax on it.

I have the first type, no flowers for years. But I was also bought the second type and it is about 12-18" high and has flower buds as I type. This will stay in his pot until he has flowered then he will go in the ground, and I will watch him grow, I will train him where I want him, then snip off the new long shoots by about a third.
Good luck.

26 Apr, 2009

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