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My Failing Orangetree...

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Dear all, I have a small orange tree (or at least something that is supposed to have oranges, (albeit small inedible fruit that are more akin to intensely sour satsumas) - unfortunately i do not know the name of the exact type but i can tell you i purchased it in 2006 from the Eden Project store.
Living in a south london house presents little opportunity for me to develop my gardening skills and my one and only horticultural goal is to sustain the existance of my potted orange tree.
Alas, it's history is one of uneducated mistreatment and though still alive (and mildly healthy) it fails to bear fruit or even flowers. This i put down to a failed experiment of spring 2007 whereby i hoped to free the plant from the confines of its pot by replanting it in my brothers small but nevertheless beautiful garden. The british weather of course turned rather typically wet in the 2 months after this ambitious transfer and the poor specimin turned from bushy orange loveliness into a twig with no more than 3 battle scared leaves. It was evident even to me that the plant had taken on too much water - the swollen fruit could be found decaying on the ground. I though it was beyond salvation but i was determined and repotted it. It has now been under close scruitiny (back in the house) for the best part of a year. The Leaves have returned but I have seen no sign of flower nor fruit. Will the every return and is there a way i can speed up the process? Please help me guys - it is of great centimental value and i believe like in the film ET... i will gain strength from its revival.

Sincerely yours.




Feed it Tom and mist it every day, that often helps to bring them into flower.

26 Apr, 2009

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