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Hi everyone, I am planting begonias in a polanter and they are not do very well, I have never used begonias before and I understand that over watering makes them go mouldy. These have been growing since end March beginning of April and have been kept in my spare room, with the heating off and it gets sun all morning, I have stopped watering it so much and it still does not look very well, do you think I should scrap these begonias and start again with something else, also I you suggest for me to persevere shall I nip them out (I dont really know what that means so help on that too please) many thanks, I have attached some photos

Gardn_may_5th_2012_009 Gardn_may_5th_2012_011 Gardn_may_5th_2012_012



sorry forgot to say they are trailing begonia plug plants.

3 May, 2012


Nipping out means taking out the tip of the stem so that the plant then branches out lower down. As these are meant to trail I wouldn't do that. They look as though they have grown a bit soft, perhaps because of all the watering. Remember that when you started watering less the soil might still be very wet so you can't expect a change all at once. However watering these tall planters can be difficult as you have to make sure they did in fact get wet right to the bottom - did you check whether the compost was wet at the base as well as the top?How far from the window have you kept them? They may do better nearer the glass but in a place with less direct sun - just a thought.
Sorry I'm maundering on a bit - not being much help really. But I certainly wouldn't give up on them as the leaves you have look healthy even though the stems are a bit straggly.

4 May, 2012

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