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Renfrewshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am trying gardening for first time.!! Can you tell me if Surfinia plugs should be treated as trailing Surfinia, or are they better in pots rather than hanging baskets?
Thank you.

Alena Kerr



If what you've got are surfinia plugs, that just means small rooted plugs of surfinia - once they're potted on, they get larger and do what all surfinias do, trail like crazy. Usual procedure is to pot them on first, keep them under cover or inside, then when they're big enough and its mid to end of May and all risk of frost is past, you plant them up in baskets and place outside.

3 May, 2012


Not quite got the hang of the laptop yet either. For the prompt answer to the surfinia question, a big thank you.
Alena Kerr

3 May, 2012



Hope I have the hang of this now. thank you for help with surfinia question.

3 May, 2012


Yes, you do have the hang of it - you post your acknowledgement in that box, as if you're answering your own question. But you don't need to alter your question at all in order to do that - because I answered you originally, I got a notification that something had been added, clicked on it and saw your response.

3 May, 2012

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