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We have 5 compost bins that have ready to use compost but soil has Vine Weevil in it. Any ideas on what we can use to get rid of them? Thanks!

Many thanks for your advice we spread out the compost for the birds to have a feast and repeated this process till composter was empty and when looking through the soil did not find any vine weevil so fingers crossed! just got other 4 composters to do when it stops raining!

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You can buy nematodes which you water in to the compost and which kill them. I think they are a sort of worm which comes to life in liquid (not very good at biology). You can order them through the web.

2 May, 2012


If there are no plants growing in your compost and no live roots, then the vine weevil grubs are going to die of starvation. Are you sure they are vine weevil grubs?
Easiest way, if you have room, is to spread the compost out and leave the birds to clean it for you.

3 May, 2012


I think you need a certain amount of heat for the liquid to work. Maybe wait until the weather is warmer. Any chance of a photo. Owdboggy seems to have a good solution if you have a tarpaulin you could use.

3 May, 2012

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