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I have an unusual question which I doubt if you have ever been asked before!
For the last 12 years my wife and I have shared one large banana on our breakfast cereal, and I have put all the skins into our compost bin. My veg garden is about 45 square metres and I wonder if I am putting too much phosphorus into the soil (12 x 365 is 4380 skins!!)
I would be grateful for your opinion



Assuming your compost heap has other material added to it as well, such as cuttings, other veggie debris, etc., I don't believe this will be a problem. My family used to get through 4 bananas a day (one each) and all those skins went on my compost heap without any resulting problems.

26 Apr, 2012


Quote; I wonder if I am putting too much phosphorus into the soil.

So ever since the problem has been driving you bananas has it ? ;0)

Seriously though! I'm with Bamboo!

If the skins are only part of the vegetative material you put on your compost heap then all should be OK

26 Apr, 2012


Thank you for both answers - I like the 'driving me bananas' bit - wished I'd thought of it.
The compost is mixed with all the other appropriate house and garden waste so all should be OK.
I was afraid that if it was too much phosphorus it would be a very difficult job to get rid of it
Thanks again for the reassurance

26 Apr, 2012


And the question has been raised a few times, perhaps not on here but on other sites with the same sort of answer.

26 Apr, 2012


and bananas are a rich source of potassium too, but still not too much for the garden. as the microbes breaking it down use it too.

26 Apr, 2012

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