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rhodidendrums dont flower

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Hi, Had a plant for over 4 years now when I got it (small) had lots of flowers from garden centre but year 1 only 1 flower 2-4 only buds that turn to leaves otherwise very healthy Q how do I make it flower, my park across road has hundereds of flowering rhodidendrums.?.

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Have you fed it? Is it growing in acidic soil?

25 Apr, 2009


yes fed it well over the past 3 years with slow release feeding, its in a space between 2 blocks of flats and is a bit over shaded by a hedge on 1 side and the building on other and gets a lot of wind , soil is the same as park land over road with lots of healthy flowers and leaves

25 Apr, 2009


Sounds like you need to move the rhodo. this autumn as it probably isn't getting enough light to thrive properly.

26 Apr, 2009

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