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By Andip

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all,

Does anyone have suggestions for a quick growing shrub to fill a gap, that could act as a deterrerent to intruders and provide berries/seed to birds?

If it looks good too, it would be a bonus.

I'm thinking of pyracantha as a basic option, but it's always nice to try something less obvious.

Thanks, Andi.



Berberis? There are lots of varieties, some evergreen and a range of coloured foliage, with flowers and berries. Very prickly.

25 Apr, 2012



I was considering Berberis too so I've ordered some seed - 3 different types: Thungebii, Darwinii & Juliana.

Also ordered some Rosa Rugosa for good measure too.

May have to wait a while to fill the gap, but the fun is in the wait.

25 Apr, 2012


One for the blackbirds in June, Amelanchier. No prickles though.

25 Apr, 2012


Maybe mahonia? - quite evil thorns..

25 Apr, 2012


A bit off the wall but have you considered a rose? Some have really nasty thorns (I've trained a procumbent rose called Grouse and that has evil little thorns.) Then you have the hips after too.

25 Apr, 2012


If you dont want anything too dense there is - Rubus cockburnianus, the white-stemmed bramble. Looks gorgeous in Winter.

26 Apr, 2012


These are all great suggestions.

Thanks to everyone.

27 Apr, 2012

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