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Hi fellow gardeners, I have a simplish queston, 'how far apart should I plant my hebe emerald green, they only grow 40cm high, im guessing they would be about that wide, not completely sure, just guessing as they are sometimes cut into domes. I would love to hedge it into a formal type garden border.
Any help wold be appreciated.
Have a great day in the dirt



I am in the process of creating a dwarf Hebe hedge (from self seeded ones of unknown parentage). I have planted them about 20 cms apart. The normal rule is half the ultimate height, apart.

25 Apr, 2012


Height and spread according to my encyclopaedia is 35 cm x 50 cm, so if you want them to grow together, plant about 35/40 cm apart (measuring from the centre of one plant to the centre of the other).

25 Apr, 2012


Thank you, thank you, thank you, this will definately help me so much, Im really excited about putting them in the groung, I have other hedges that are a few years old and have started hedging properly. My only other problem is I have about 24 metres to hedge, time to get the trusted calculator out, oh and credit card to.
Thank you again so much.
Much appreciated

25 Apr, 2012


Hebes are quite easy from cuttings, so you could buy one and propagate it, if you can wait that long? We either spend time or money!

25 Apr, 2012


I would love to be able to propergate them, I have successfully propergated many other cuttings Ive taken but I seem to kill hebes. What am I doing wrong, they all seem to go brown and die away, Ive tried on the kitchen window sill, outside in a protected area, full sun, all failed. its a pretty good feeling to see something beautiful grow from something so simple and small. Any advice would be fantastic. i have 6 plants to propergate from so far. Please pardon my ignorance, but a few tips would really really be appreciated.

26 Apr, 2012

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