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I have very small garden with raised beds. I grow Sorrel used in salads. Have just noticed that a fox or cat has left excrement next to the sorrel. It has rained a lot. I assume it is not safe to eat this plant now. I have a very young child and dont want to take any chances. Perhaps I should grow it in a large pot. What is your advice.



Excrement on the ground should not have touched the leaves and will not be taken up by the plant. With both cat and fox urine - fox particularly- you should be able to smell it even over the lemony smell of the sorrel. If it was me I would test for smell and if OK would simply wash it very thoroughly.
If you are still worried you could use the sorrel as a lovely sauce for fish: I'm assuming this is French sorrel with the big leaves? Pick a small handful, wash thoroughly but don't drain. Pull the leaf of the stalk ribs. Put in a small container and microwave like cooking spinach. Mash it up thoroughly and mix well into plain yogurt. Use as you would tartar sauce, ie its not for pouring over.

23 Apr, 2012

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