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Thanks for your replies, unfortunately all the poo is from the neighbourhood cats, I do not own one so it is very annoying, not to mention very smelly. I have just read that chicken wire spread over the ground works so I am off to buy some, also pine cones, stones, lavender and mothballs. Its a good job the area is at the side of my house so I will not have to look at this rather unusual flower bed. I do have lots of shrubs growing there so all these aids will be spread under them!!!!!Wish me luck and watch this space!



Save yourself some money and go over the woods and collect fallen holly leaves or see if your neighbours are growing Mahonia and collect the fallen leaves from them.

This will serve a double purpose it will act as a mulch to preserve moisture during the hose ban, it will rot down to inprove the soil around your plants and most of all it will keep cats off.

What ypu have got to remember about the mesh is; it can be a hindrance to you as well when you are weeding etc under your plants!

23 Apr, 2012


You could also use my Dad's old trick of retaining rose prunings and lay these in appropriate places. I don't think there's anything so nasty for a gardener who likes to get 'intimate' with the soil than to find their hands plunged into a pile of cat poo! :o(((((((((

24 Apr, 2012

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