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my allotment has a very high water table due to an underground spring with a large area lokking like a paddy feild. What can we do to improve the drainage, what will grow in these conditions apart from rice?



Couple of questions CK

I had a similar problem a few years ago and was able to alleviate the problem because I new where the water was entering my plot, do you?

I could do with knowing the following;

Is your plot reasonably level or on a slope?

Does the water come in from one side of your plot?

Is the soil quite deep or does it have an underlying hard layer of subsoil or rock even?

Is the plot always boggy or just at certain times?

I think thats enough questions for now, although a picture would be helpful....Tg

22 Apr, 2012


We have the 2nd from last allotment on a fairly steep slope (good if it really had been a drought lol), the under ground stream comes in at the front 1/3 , topsoil good but quickly becomes only good for making pots when digging down and fills immediately with water, the previous tenent had put a tank in one corner to use as a soak away, this is full of water and is affectionately known as a water feature.
The other 2/3 of the plot are undiscovered territory covered in very tenacious brambles and couch /rye grass (better than the lawn at home)we have yet to attack this area as we only got the keys last weekend, this may prove to be better once we've tamed the jungle.
I have been told to grow water cress in the soggy area?

26 Apr, 2012


The way I got rid of water that was flowing at certain times of the year (such as now) was to dig a shallow perimeter trench and place any old plastic pipe I could get my hands on in it. The 4" SV pipe that is used on all houses is ideal!

Or check at all roadworks they might be doing pipe renewals and you could beg the offcuts or even the old piping that is being replaced.

To describe my situation if you can picture this;

The water came across my sloping plot diagonally so I dug a trench about 6"-8" deep from the top corner down that side of the plot and placed the pipes end to end ( no joints) and this arrangement carried the bulk of the water away from my plot.

OK the water went somewhere else which was fine by me.

I did a check to see if this re-directing water to another location was legal! Apparently it is, although I would say that common decency would state that you direct the flow to where it least affects any one else.

So you could consider something along these lines with your proble!...Tg

26 Apr, 2012


Thanks, I will give it a go.

26 Apr, 2012

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