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I have a phormium Tenax in a pot in the garden and the tips and edges of the leaves are turning brown. The plant is only one year old. Any ideas what is wrong or more importantly how to save it



If its been out all winter, that's your explanation, unless there's no drainage in the pot and its waterlogged, but that usually means you get soggy yellowing of the leaves. I have 3 phormiums in pots, all look quite rough at the end of winter, so in spring I cut out any damaged leaves.

The only other possibility is they've been too dry for too long - I know the weather's wet and cold, but once a pot dries out, sufficient rain often doesn't get into the pot, so check that too, especially if its happening on all of the leaves.
Otherwise, post a photograph of the plant please.

22 Apr, 2012


You made me go out to the garden and check. I have 2 Tamarisk, first is 1 y/o and some of the more exposed branches are brown, but not as brown as they were a few months ago and certainly looking greener - I did a feed a few weeks ago. The second was bought bare root last Oct. The buds on that are red-brown. They do flower in late spring - could the brown tips be the flowering parts about to come out? Otherwise I think it may be water (or lack of) as Bamboo has said. Tamarisk are seaside plants so are tough as.

22 Apr, 2012


Gosh, ignore my silly reply. I saw Tenax and thought Tamarisk!

22 Apr, 2012


I was a bit confused,but it did occur to me towards the end of your answer what you'd done, Kildermorie... done it myself a couple of times!

22 Apr, 2012

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