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Courgettes and Pumpkins

I visited some gardens in Holland the past few weeks and bought courgette and pumpkin seeds amongs others :)...

this will be my first time growing these two veggies...
Instructions are in dutch which unfortunately I do not understand...

Their final position will still be in big pots, if they survive.
Should I start off the seeds by planting each seed in a 7.5 cm pot? Do they need light to germinate?

Any help with growing them in pots will be appreciated.



Type the info on the seed packets into Google translate. Tell it the text is Dutch and you want it in English - it will translate for you. Possibly a bit roughly but it will be understandable.

22 Apr, 2012


I prefer to sow them on their side in cell trays rather than pots.

I do this for a couple of reasons and they are, I can keep them warmer, which helps germination, I use less compost, and once germinated I can prick out the whole plug into 3" (75mm) pots containing potting compost.

There are some pictures here;

and here;

I hope this info helps...Tg

22 Apr, 2012


Shame you already have the seeds, Detta, there is a newly developed strain of courgette which is a climber, ideal for growing in pots. Sorry, just a comment, not a lot of use to you now, I know.

22 Apr, 2012


Gattina does raise an important point, though. Courgettes are bushy plants with very short "vines", and are normally easy to keep in very large pots--50 cm wide and tall, at least--while pumpkins grow very long vines, which can be hard to handle. If it is one of the smaller varieties of pumpkin--'New England' or smaller--it can be grown on a strong trellis, with the fruit in cloth slings attached to the trellis. Larger varieties--'Jack-O-Lantern' or larger--can present a challenge. Maybe only allow a few fruit form near the pot, and support them on crates, while the rest of the vines grow on a trellis?

23 Apr, 2012

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