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being new to composting can i put rhubarb leaves on the compost heap? I have a feeling its one thing you can't or shouldn't put on thanks

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They're fine to compost, Skilla - just don't eat them! I think there is a recipe for making a pesticide with them - somebody on here may be able to come up with it.

24 Apr, 2009


Yes Sewingkilla you can, after they have composted properly there should be no ill effects.

24 Apr, 2009


Oh thanks!! thats great will do.

24 Apr, 2009


I've ben putting them on the compost heap for years and last time I checked, I was still OK (although some of my friends might disagree with that!)

24 Apr, 2009


Hehe Andrewr! I have a fridge magnet that says "Many people have eaten in this kitchen and have gone on to lead normal, healthy lives!"

26 Apr, 2009

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