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Lady Boothby Fuchsia

Kent U.K., United Kingdom Gb

Do you prun or cut back this plant ? It is in a plastic plant container and last years branches/ twigs are still looking healthy as you can see from the picture




Well a little difficult to tell laying down on my side :-) But if they are branches are alive and budding up well I certainly would not prune right now, if there are any dead branches them you need to remove those once it has budded up. As this is a climber it does not get pruned back the way other fuchsia's do,

24 Apr, 2009


Sorry about the picture on it's side,did try and have the aministrator try and rotate it.

I'll hold on as you said as there is leaves starting to grow in between the stem and the branches. This is the 1st full year we have had the plant,so we'll give it more time and look to pruning it correctly

Thank you

24 Apr, 2009


this is the climbing one isnt it? I'd only prune any dead or rubbing stems. I have ordered some for a planter. glad to see it is hardy. remember to feed it as it will be ready for refreshed compost.
welcome to GoY too.

24 Apr, 2009


Hi and thanks for the welcome from you all.

Seems to be some argument about it being a climber or not. It certainly is growing up the way unlike the other Fuchsia we have, there bushy.

I am looking at the advertisement opposite this question box and it is referring to Hardy Fuchsias as "Upright Collection",wondering if this is the same as climbers.we have. We did get a lovely lot of flowers from it even (as I said earlier) it is it's first year growth.

We use a liquid feed hopefully, that is fine to use as we have had good success with this and the other plants

Thank you

25 Apr, 2009


lady boothby is sold as 'the first ever climbing fuchsia' so i suspect it is more of a scrambler rather than a self clinging climber. either way i like it..

25 Apr, 2009


It is certainly colourful when full bloom.

26 Apr, 2009


I have inherited one of these in a planter, it is about the same height as yours. Nothing much happening with it at the moment, though. Hopefully, it will soon begin to show signs of life. I have simply removed obviously dead stems, or overlapping ones.

26 Apr, 2009


As I said I'll give it a week or two as it still seems to be just wakening up from the Winter. We've just started to get good dryish hot days here. Saying that, our Clematis opposite the Fuchsia has eight buds on it already and growing onto the trellis behind it, to the right. Perhaps it is an earlier seasonal plant ,need to look this up.

26 Apr, 2009


0f course, think that, because some plants realise that it is Spring, assume that every plant in the garden thinks same, as, of course, you know. I bought what were, to all intents and purposes, dead twigs or roots, a few weeks ago, and now have them in full leaf and, even, flower. I wouldn't expect this fuschia to be doing much at the mo!

27 Apr, 2009


Agree, also another disadvantage is that the garden faces North and the picture is taken from the back door. So there isn't much sun till a little later on in the Spring than other gardens facing in other directions. We put the plants that are in containers in Livingtons compost,whether this is the correct compost to use ? Also does the compost have a certain live span as I am use to growing vegetables in the soil with well rotted farm cow manure.

28 Apr, 2009


Hi all
Lost this plant and (climbing Fuchia) and 3 other potted fuchias due to the cold and long winter down here. will need to make enquiries to the name of which is the best to buy. Speaking to the local garden centre owner today and they lost some too. I'll replace them later as they're not in the centre yet.

14 Apr, 2010

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