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By Bedgar

bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought today from Lidl for £1.94 a smallplant labelled LANTANA' which should they package says grow 100-200 cms. The flowers shown look like the ones other members have sent photos of-all I would like to know is - is it hardy?



I don't know what climate you are planting it but Lantana here in Florida grows like a weed. We can't get rid of it and it is very toxic to livestock.I would say extremely hardy in US zone 9

23 Apr, 2009


Bedgar probably not hardy in the UK - summerdaisies is right though it is viewed as a noxious weed in many areas of the planet

23 Apr, 2009


It is not hardy in the UK Midlands unless kept frost-free. It may lose its leaves. After flowering it forms berries which can be cleaned and sown in spring.

23 Apr, 2009


bedgar......Lantana "montevidensis" is evergreen, with rose-purple flowers, wich appear mainly in summer, min. 10-13 degrees cent.(50-55 F)......Lantana "spreading sunset" is rounded and somewhat spreading and orange/red flowers with similar needs...hope this helps...

25 Apr, 2009

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