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i have just purchased a clematis no idea what colour it is only its name which is this PIILIS.
can someone tell me if it needs cutting back down at the end of the summer or what should i do, does it flower on old wood ?



Sorry, Doss 1951, not in my books and doesn't appear on google either. Isn't there any more information on the label? E.g. a number: 1, 2 or 3 - this would tell us the pruning group.

Maybe the place you bought it could tell you more?

23 Apr, 2009


New clematis should be pruned back to about 12 inches in the spring following their planting. This pruning will encourage new shoots to grow and will produce a fuller, bushier vine with more leads. I have clematis growing in my yard, and I pruned it when I first bought it, and haven't done a thing to it since. It has grown out into my driveway and street! It is very hardy and easy to grow. It really doesn't matter what variety you have...

23 Apr, 2009


Same here just been looking through my books and I cant find it either.

23 Apr, 2009


Can you not go back or telephone the place where you got it from? Just an idea.....

23 Apr, 2009


The only Clematis i can think of near what your saying is Clematis Piilu, i suspect that is the plant you have

23 Apr, 2009


Jeanna pruning depends on whether the clematis flower on old or new wood. If it flowers on new wood pruning in spring means no flowers that year. Some clematis need moe t.l.c. than others we prune our C Montanas hard every year otherwise they would cover the potting shed and half the garden..

23 Apr, 2009


Well, if it is Piilu ('Little Duckling) here is what it say about it on the internet.....

"Flowers first appear in May - June which are double to 7cm across, while the later blooms are single. The flowers are light purplish pink with an eye catching wide dark purplish-red bar. "Piilu" is considered a large flowering Clematis with numerous flowers on one year plants. I believe Clematis "Piilu" is the very heaviest bloomer known at this time. Many Clematis bloom only near the top of the plant, leaving the bottom bare, but "Piilu" blooms top to bottom.

Reports from our Trial nurseries indicate "Piilu" started blooming in May and keeps blooming until October. Many clematis varieties have blooms that fade or shrink over time. "Piilu's blooms do neither, there are always blossoms present, unlike most Clematis cultivars "Piilu" does not take a mid-summer break.

Pruning group 2"

24 Apr, 2009


thank gilli you for an indepth email on this clematis

24 Apr, 2009

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